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My Wife’s Invited Guests Natorare

The above does not feel a wife, a girl, as a woman. One day, she and I meet together with our fellow initiates. Three people go to the karaoke room second. She gets drunk in the karaoke room, and tries to get tired of taking another empty room. She misunderstands the fellow initiate to be a civilian. After waking up, she goes back to the room with the same number of men and witnesses the affairs of the two men. This makes him aware of his unique tendencies. Lee and Eun, who returned home that day, will have an affair in 10 years. She does not remember the work with the fellow initiates, and the above invites the same number to the house again. Three people drink at the above house and go into the room, saying that they are tired of not knowing what they are drinking. Dongsu and Eun-ah get their affairs again, and the above picture shows two people watching the two at the door. The next day, Lee shows a video that he was doing an equalizer and an affair with, and confesses that he is excited when he watches secretly doing business with another man. The above requires that he be with other men. The child accepts the request for the relationship with the above, and the above is satisfied with watching the girl who is doing business with another man from behind. She is happy that her relationship with the above is better than before, but it makes it difficult to have an affair with another man. Abnormal relationships continue, and on the day when he tried to confess his heart to confess to his heart, he finds a silver baby who takes another man home and makes an affair.

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Duration: 96 Menit

Quality:  SD

Release Date: 01 June 2019